Some time ago we told you about the two new expedition cruise-ships of Hapag Lloyd Cruises, that will set sail for the first time in May and October 2019.

Now Hapag Lloyd Cruises released some new information regarding the names of the ships, which will be: HANSEATIC nature and HANSEATIC inspiration.

We are already looking forward to the two new identical and highly sophisticated 5-star cruise-ships and want to present you with an idea of what awaits you on board.

Königspinguine Antarktische Halbinsel

Königspinguine auf der Antarktischen Halbinsel

Hapag-Lloyd Kreuzfahrten Neubau Antarktis

Inspired by nature

The ships’ designs clearly reflects their motto “inspired by nature” and aims to give travelers an adventurous feeling while still maintaining the standards of a luxury cruise-ship. Nature is represented by organic fabrics, colours and shapes as well as the overall design of spaces and walls all over the ship. Even interior cabins convey the feeling those shapes and textures try to get across the designs inspired by nature. You’ll find lots of glass and open spaces on the outer decks which grant many different opportunities to see and feel nature.

Expedition cruises

The impressive design isn’t the only thing unique about the HANSEATIC ships. The two ships shine with their two protruding and extendable glass balconies that give travelers the feeling of flying across the oceans. Travelers can also walk across the bow of the ships and experience a truly unique view of the nature ahead. We’re very excited about the new

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Unique Routes

We also already know which routes the HANSEATIC nature and HANSEATIC inspiration will be taking starting 2019. Thanks to the PC6 standard, which is the highest achievable standard for cruise-ships travelling through ice, onboard zodiacs, that allow passengers to be tendered to even the most secluded harbors and a draft of only 5,4 meters, the ships are able to bring expeditions to the most remote seas of the Arctic and Antarctic territories. On top of that the ships will travel through the Amazonas and Southern Sea regions.

Die höchste Eisklasse für Passagierschiffe ermöglicht Expeditionen in die Arktis und Antarktis

Environmentally friendly and state of the art technology

Hapag Lloyd cares about the environment, which is made clear by the naturesque design of the new ships and changes to the ships’ efficiency. The shipping company puts a huge emphasize on the biggest possible reduction in fuel usage, which is achieved by an improved hulk and special PROMAS rudders with unique propellers. Polluting gasses are treated within the integrated SCR catalysators and filtered by up to 95%. The ships are also equipped with infrared-cameras, so called IR-Icedetectors, that spot floating ice even at night or conditions with low visibility. The ships’ 16 zodiacs and e-zodiacs, that are often used to bring passengers to harbors that don’t allow the ships to dock, are equipped with environmentally friendly electrical motors. Best requirements for fascinating travels with the new HANSEATIC expedition cruise-ships.

Zodiacs ermöglichen hafenunabhängige Anlandungen

What’s next?

The first step in the production of the ship was already made on May 9th 2017. The ships will be laid down in the Romanian Tulcea Shipyard sometime in June of this year. We will keep you up-to-date in regards to the building process and news regarding the HANSEATIC nature & HANSEATIC inspiration. There’s one more thing we’re able to tell you at this moment: Further news are expected to be released in August, which is also the time you’ll be able to make a pre-reservation for your cruise with one of the two new ships. Save the date, if you want to be one of the first guests aboard. We’re already getting lots of requests regarding the ships!

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Here you’ll find all facts about the two ships:

Ship |  HANSEATIC nature & HANSEATIC inspiration
Start of production |  May 2017 and October 2017
Shipyard |  Vard/Romania and Norway
Comissioning |  April and October 2019
Category | 5-Star
Segment | Expedition
Registered Tonnage (RT) | 15.540
Length | 138 meters
Width | 22 meters
Draft | 5,4 meters
Ice-classification | PC6 – highest possible standard for cruise-ships
Engines | Diesel-electrical
Passenger decks | 7
Cabines and suites | 120
Cabin- and suite-types | 7
Marina for watersport-activitiesn | 1
Max. passenger capacity | 230 (199 during arctic expeditions)
Staff | 170
Restaurants, Bars and Lounges | 5
Zodiacs | 16
Extractable glass balconies | 2
Languages on board | German and English
Currency on board | EUR

We really can’t wait to tell you more about the new Hapag Lloyd Cruises ships! ?

Do you have further questions or are you eager to travel aboard the news Hapag Lloyd HANSEATIC nature and HANSEATIC inspiration? Feel free to send us a message:

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