Australia – what is it that makes this continent so special? Why do so many tourists travel all they way to the other end of the world to spend their vacations in Australia, when Europe offers beautiful destinations so much closer? The answer is quite simple: No other country offers its visitors so many different contrasts in terms of landscape, like vast deserts, jungles and reefs. The Blue Mountains, Ayers Rock and the Wave Rock are only three of Australia’s unique natural scenery, that attracts countless tourists every year. But that’s not all you can see during a trip to the country of Koalas and Crocodiles. Especially Australia’s cities Sydney, Melbourne and Alice Springs enhance the country with various points of interest, like the world-famous Sydney Opera, the National Gallery of Victoria as well es countless reservoires. We prepared the best insider-tips for your journey!

Our top 5 points of interest in Austrlia
  • the fantastically beautiful underwater scenery of the Great Barrier Reef
  • the tunnels of Karijini-Nationalpark
  • the Great Ocean Road
  • the geological wonders of the Devils Marbles
  • the vineyards in western Australia


Australia’s largest city Sydney offers countless points of interest and thus gives its visitors lots of reasons to check it out. The world famous Sydney opera, which is a UNESCO world heritage by the way, is one of the most popular tourist destinations of the city. The many bays and steep cliffs that you may find at the South Head, as well as the botanical garden, are unique natural wonders that you should definitely check out. I can also recommend a harbor-cruise with a seaside-view towards the opera, the famous harbour bridge and the most beautiful beaches of Sydney. Bondi Beach is the most famous beach in Sydney and became one of the most popular surf-spots worldwide. Lovers of art will enjoy a visit to the Art Gallery of New South Wales as well as the oldest district ‚The Rocks‘ with its countless galleries and beautiful shops.



Melbourne, the capitol of Victoria and Australia’s second biggest city, is renowned for being Australia’s sports center. The famous Tennis-Grand-Slam Australia Open and the Formula 1 circuit are just two of the reasons that give Melbourne its reputation. The city, located at the Yarra River, isn’t only worth a visit for sports fans though. It offers fans of art and culture lots of various points of interest. A visit to the Melbourne Museum, the Museum of Victoria and the Jewish Museum are something every visitor should take into consideration. Other interesting points of interest are the Queen Victoria Market, the State Parliament House, the Royal Exhibition Buildings, the Saint Patrick’s Cathedral as well as the Eureka Tower. If you like horses you should definitely not miss the Melbourne Cup Day, which is Australia’s biggest horse racing event scheduled every year on the first Tuesday of November.



Blue Mountains

Impressive rock formations, hiking paths, waterfalls and hidden caves are famous for the 11.400 km² wide mountain range within the Australian county of News South Wales. The biggest points of interest are the Three Sisters, the Wentworth Falls and the Jenolan Cave-system. I can especially recommend a tour with the cablecars, which offer a unique view across the mountain range as well as a guided safari through the area, that shows you lots of hidden places and gives you the opportunity to see the Australian fauna at its closest.

Great Barrier Reef

Australia’s most famous natural world heritage, the Great Barrier Reef, is the biggest coral reef on our planet and spans across 2.300 kilometres along the coast of Queensland in front of the Northern coast of Australia. Here you can swim, dive or snorkel along literally thousands of kilometres of nature and experience the colourful reef. I can also recommend a tour with a glass-floor tourist boat, in case you don’t want to get wet and prefer enjoying nature in a very comfortable fashion. The reef HQ aquarium in Townsville is also worth a visit if you want to learn more about the animals living in and around the Great Barrier Reef. The bravest travellers may also enjoy a never-wracking sky-dive, which gives you an indescribable view of the area.

Underwater paradise: Great Barrier Reef

Underwater paradise: Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef

Fraser Island

Colourful sandstone cliffs, jungles, crystal clear water, turtles and wales await you on Fraser Island, the biggest sand-island on our planet. As part of the Great Sandy National Park the area offers its visitors soft sandy beaches, fresh-water-laes and a really unique holiday feeling, the area attracts many tourist from all over the world every year. Especially great are the 75 Mile Beach with the Indian Rock, the Orchid Beach and the Sandy Cape. You may also take a look at the wreck of the SS Maheno, that sank during a storm in 1935 neat Fraser Island. Pack your swimming gear and a stuffed picnic basket take a relaxing vacation at the beach.

Schiffswrack Fraser Island Australien

Shipwreck of the SS Maheno on Fraser Island

Kakadu National Park

Another thing travellers should definitely check out is Australia’s biggest national-park, which is located approximately three hours east of Darwin in the Northern Territories. Kakadu National Park really deserves its rightful place as a natural world and cultural heritage. Here you won’t just find unique natural wonders presenting themselves as steep cliffs, waterfalls, sea-lilies , crocodiles and various migratory birds, but also the fascinating culture of Australia’s ancient natives that becomes visible through various rock paintings that up to this day are still in great condition. The rock paintings are dated to be more than 50.000 thousand years old and created by ancient indigenous Australians. Here you can take a leap back through time and find out what it was like living in Australia before western settlers arrived. The area is also great for hiking adventures. I can recommend a tour that leads up to the Twin Falls with their beautiful pristine white sandy beaches.

Kakadu Nationalpark

Rock paintings in Kakadu Nationalpark

Kings Canyon

Ancient canyons, sandstone-cliffs reaching over palm groves in vibrant red and yellow tones. As part of the Watarrka National Park located within the Northern Territory, the Kings Canyon is a famous landmark of the area. The Kings Canyon harbours more than 600 different kinds of plants and animals. Some of the prehistoric rock formations reach heights of up to 100 meters and grant visitors an indescribably natural spectacle. Hikers can choose from three well routed hiking paths: The Kings Creek Walk, the Kings Canyon Rim Walk and Giles Track.

Useful information

Flight duration: Sadly there aren’t any direct flights from Germany to Australia yet, which is why all airlines plan a layover in Asia before making the journey to Australia. The duration of the flight lies somewhere between 22 – 24 hours.

Documents & vaccinations: You’ll ne a passport with a validity extending your stay by at least 6 months as well as an electronic visa. Vaccinations are not strictly necessary, we do recommend talking to your doctor prior to your flights though.

Climate: Australia is split into four different climate areas, each having their own temperatures and precipitations. The Northern coastal areas usually maintain a tropical climate, the Eastern and Western coasts possess a steady sub-tropical climate. Climate at the Southern coast is a bit more temperate. Central Australia and the Outback are plagued with continental desert climate. Seasons are the exact opposite of Europe. Spring in Australia lasts from September to November, Summer from December to February, Autumn from March to May and Winter from June to August.

Tip: To travel Australia independently, we strongly recommend getting a rental car. In order to be able to rent a car in Australia, you’ll need an international driver’s license, which you’ll have to request before your travel.

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