Do you already know the five, six, seven or eight reasons that are the reason why coffee in Prague is really the best?

Prague is far more than just the Czech capital – over the past years it has become the coffee metropolis of Europe. The coffeehouse-culture is a very important aspect of day-to-day life in Prague. London, Berlin, Vienna and New York are out. Prague sets the trends today. Visitors who like to spend their time in a café and who enjoy the coffeehouse-culture will feel right at home in Prague. Prague’s unique café scene manages to keep traditions alive while simultaneously combining them with modern influences. I did my research and discovered not only incredible tasty world Czech desserts but also the warm hospitality and the unique atmosphere within Prague’s coffeehouses.

Cafe in Prag

Cafe in Prag

My search for the best coffee house

I‘m addicted to coffee and I’m in love with the European coffeehouse-culture, so my Prague trip was dominated by vistis of several unique and famous coffee houses. But what do they have in common? The hospitality and tasty self-made desserts. There should be a guide about the best coffeehouses in Prague! I started my research and quickly noticed that Prague can really measure itself with other important coffee cities like New York or Vienna.
Do you know about Laskonka? The famous Czech macarons! Absolutely delicious! Together with the famous “Buchteln“, traditional pastries from Czech fairytales, they make for a great coffee side-dish. Those delicious pastries are available with different fillings like quark, plum jam or poppy seeds. But let’s skip the delicious treats and jump right into the coffeehouses of Prague:

The big players

1. Café Slavia

You’ll find a mixture of chic modernity and historical tradition in the Café Slavia. It is located right in the city centre next to the National Theatre. Famous people like Antonín Dvořák or the author Karel Čapek already had a cup of coffee here. It was opened in 1884 and still maintains its unique flair even today.

2. Café Louvre

The Café Louvre also opened its doors in the 19th century for the first time. Philosophers like Mas Brod and Franz Kafka met there back in the days to talk about their works. Albert Einstein came to the Café during his time as a professor in Prague regularly too. The traditional and historic coffeehouse with a Vienna style offers a hospitable atmosphere and a large variety of coffee specialties.

3. Hotel Paris

This magnificent hotel with its art nouveau style from the 19th century is located in the old town and has a wonderful style that resembles Café de Paris – a Parisian Café from the 1920s. In a charming and romantic atmosphere, you can enjoy your coffee and a delicious homemade pastry. Of course I also tried the cake “Paris”, created after a traditional recipe from the year 1904. Tasty!

Frische Trdelník perfekt zum Kaffee

Fresh Trdelník – a perfect snack

Die Insider-Tipps

4. Cathedral Café

It feels like an oasis of tranquillity to be in the garden of the Cathedral Café in the picturesque Týnská Street. I was greeted by a mixture of rustic and lovely details when I visited this place. Truly a perfect to have a rest with great coffee and tasty pastries.

5. Kavárna Styl & Interier

A Café and a showroom for furniture and home accessories the same time – that’s best way to describe the Kavárna Styl & Interier. In any case you’ll find tasty cakes and a fantastic coffee as well as a private guest garden in the courtyard.

6. Mamacoffee Londýnská

If I had to describe it in one word: comfy. Mamacoffee Londýnská it is not only incredibly comfy but it also offers excellent fair trade coffee from the famous roasting house Mamacoffee. I only noticed after a while that Mamacoffe is a chain with multiple locations within Prague. Maybe that’s a proof for the success of the concept?

7. Cukrárna Alchymista

The coffee house with the most beautiful green garden in Prague for me is the Cukrárna Alchymista. You can find it next to the Letná Park. The nearby coffee museum invites all coffee fans to learn more about the beans and how their favourite brew is made.

8. Original Coffee

The Original Coffee has a roasting house with unique coffee. This coffee house offers fresh coffee from its own business. Fantastic for all coffee lovers! Besides the beverages based on espresso you may also find alternative brewing methods. Definitely worth a visit while you’re in the old town.



Reasons, why the coffee in Prague is so good

Now let’s go back to our previous question: Why is the coffee in Prague the best?
Of course you’ll always find a reason to take a rest and enjoy a warming coffee. But Prague offers its visitors numerous inviting coffeehouses with unique atmospheres and moods. Especially the city centre, the old town, presents itself with the beautiful places to drink a cup of coffee. Many of Prague’s coffeehouses brew their coffee using their own roasts or really fresh grounds from the market. Prague offers some of the highest quality roasting houses in all of Europe, which invite guests from all over the world an make the Prague’s coffeehouses cultural centres of the city. Every coffeehouse in Prague seems to have its own unique atmosphere and feeling attached to it, ranging from Architecture to the way you’re greeted when entering the place. Lastly: Prague’s coffee is quite inexpensive compared to other places around the world. Also don’t forget the absolutely delicious local pastries that seem to go along very well with Prague’s coffee creations. All in all that’s the reason why I think that the coffee in Prague is the best.

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