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Within very few weeks central Italy was shaken by multiple earthquakes, especially in the Toscany and Marche regions. Some of the shocks even reached strenghts of up to 6,5 MW on the richter scale between August and October 2016. Many people lost their lifes, were injured and lost all of their belongings. An unimaginable amount of art and historical relics was lost in one of Italy’s most important cultural regions.

We want to use this article to keep the tragedies that happened in remembrance, to commemorate on what happened and call for donations, to help as best as we can.

Here we published a travelogue about some of the nicest regions in Upper- and Central Italy, that was written before the earthquakes.

Travel to Bologna

A travel to bologna doesn’t just come down to culture and renaissance-esque feelings, but also a pinch of Italy, that even inspired and fascinated the famous German author and poet Goethe on his trips. With Modena and Canossa nearby, you’ll not only get to experience nature but also the country and its people such as Pavarotti and Ferrari. Many fans of Italy will have those points all the way up on their bucket-list, but even travelers on a Journey through Europe and Gourmets will enjoy visiting all those places. We would like to present a small travelogue of a journey through Italy, that happened quite some time ago.

Cultural heritage and home of Mortadella and Tortellini


Bologna goes by my names amongst natives. Beginning with “La Dotta” (the scholar), because of its ancient university, all the way up to “La Grassa” (the fat), because the place is famous among gourmets. Bologna is home of Tortellini and its Mortadella sausages.



The two leaning towers at the “Piazza di Porta Ravegnana” are one of Bologna’s main sight-seeing spots. The “Torre degli Asinelli” is almost 100 meters tall and leans approximately 1,20 meters to its side. The lower “Torre Garisenda” is only 48 meters tall, but is leaning over 3 meters to its side. Towers such as these used to be a sign of wealth and royals, supposedly there were as many as 200 hundred back in the days.

Greetings from Pavarotti and Ferrari

The hometown of Luciano Pavarotti – Modena – is worth a visit as well. Everywhere within and around it you’ll see the luxury reminder of its successful offsprings and brands, such as Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati.


The beautiful historic city center and the romantic dome will take you back to renaissance times.

Der Dom von Modena

Afterwards you’ll be led along small streets to Canossa.

Ferrara and Pomposa

Ferrari is a city, that you absolutely have to see. The romantic-gothic dome, the Castello Estense, Palazzo Schifanoia, its Palazzo dei Diamanti and the city’s beautiful brick buildings are worth a visit. While you’re there you should also plan a visit to Pomposa and experience the stunning Benedictian abbey with its beautiful columns, mosaics and frescos.

After witnessing all of Ferrara’s cultural heritages it’s time to experience nature, sceneries and the Italien way of life. The small villages Dozza and Brisighella are as much of a point of interest as the beautiful vineyards, olive groves and cypress trees. The area around Tavarnelle, Val die Pesa, in the Tuscany also offers its visitors lots of landmarks and spots for sightseeing, such as the beautiful Castello del Nero *. (* closed from 01/08 to 03/23/2017).

Castello-del-Nero, Garden Terrace Dinner

Castello del Nero Panorama

Rimini by the sea

Rimini by the sea is the absolute highlight towards the end of the trip, after seeing lots of culture and landmarks. Here, right at the oldest seaside resort of the world, you can not only relax and take a deep breath of refreshing sea air, but also travel the scenic way to San Leo and get overwhelmed by the romantic churches and the medieval castle. If you still want to see more, you should definitely visit the renaissance city Urbino, which was tragically also hit by the recent earthquakes.

A trip to Upper- and Central Italy is one of the most inspiring journeys of my life. I can safely recommend it to everyone. I’ve listed some interesting details below.

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Pictures: © Bernd Schray, Pixabay, Castello del Nero

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