Uga Escapes – High class Boutique-Hotels on Sri Lanka – Part two

In our last article we showed you the Residence by Uga Escapes in the capital of Colombo and the Ulagalla by Uga Escapes in the heart of the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka. This time we will...

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Behind the Carpathians – Romania in focus

Romania is an unknown country for my friends and acquaintances. A blind spot for most of us. Even for professionals, who work for the touristic industry do not really know this country between the 24th longitude and the 45th parallel. Maybe some of you know the beaches at the Black Sea, [...]

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Rocco Forte Hotel Verdura Resort – Sicily

The stylish Verdura Resort is one of the Rocco Forte Hotels and is the only golf and spa resort among eleven objects of the group. On the southwest coast of Sicily, one hour drive away from Palermo, this exceptional resort overlooks the sparkling Mediterranean Sea. Spread over 230 hectares, this sprawling [...]

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Five bars and pubs in the trend-city Lisbon you’ll like

Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, attracts numerous visitors every year. No wonder, since the charming city captivates with its friendly locals, cultural treasures, a very special and unique metropolitan flair and a beautiful view over the seemingly endless Atlantic Ocean. But especially in the evening, when the sun has set behind [...]

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The best pubs (and beer types) in Prague. Are there any other reasons for a trip to the Golden City?

If you want to discover the best pubs during your visit in Prague, the best way is to get some informations in advance as there are a lot of great pubs in Prague. Prague is the spotlight of beer. Brands such as Budweiser, Gambrinus or Pilsener […]

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