Uga Escapes – High class Boutique-Hotels on Sri Lanka – Part two

In our last article we showed you the Residence by Uga Escapes in the capital of Colombo and the Ulagalla by Uga Escapes in the heart of the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka. This time we will...

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Sicily – The island of the god of the wind

The power of the Aeolus "The God of the Wind" is still unbroken: Even today, it drives travellersthrough the Mediterranean - just like it did once with Odysseus- back to Sicily island. Gigantic Greek temples and imposing Roman villas, Norman cathedrals, Baroque churches, tell each visitor a lot about the history [...]

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Better, more comfortable, more luxurious: The new Mein Schiff 6 already became a legends amongst cruise ships

Spectacular new ship We’ve been awaiting this moment for more than two years. On June 1st 2017 it finally happaned: The Mein Schiff 6 had its christening! Hundreds of exclusive guests were invited to celebrate their newest addition to the Mein Schiff fleet together with TUI Cruises in Hamburg and get [...]

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The best pubs (and beer types) in Prague. Are there any other reasons for a trip to the Golden City?

If you want to discover the best pubs during your visit in Prague, the best way is to get some informations in advance as there are a lot of great pubs in Prague. Prague is the spotlight of beer. Brands such as Budweiser, Gambrinus or Pilsener […]

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The Kasbah Tamadot – the new celebrity hotspot

It’s not long ago, that the Resort Kasbah Tamadot in the Moroccan Asni won the first place in the ‘Travel and Leisure’ category with the best hostels in Northern Africa and the Middle-East. Ever since, Northern Africa’s best hotel offers its customers attractive deals for booking and stays. © Virgin [...]

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