Sicily – The island of the god of the wind

The power of the Aeolus "The God of the Wind" is still unbroken: Even today, it drives travellersthrough the Mediterranean - just like it did once with Odysseus- back to Sicily island. Gigantic Greek temples and imposing Roman villas, Norman cathedrals, Baroque churches, tell each visitor a lot about the history [...]

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Majorca – Chavs, Stars and the orange groves of Sóller

A short holiday in Majorca is something many people do these days. It seems like the whole island is full of Germans. Nevertheless the Spanish roots have survived and the atmosphere is idyllic. We created a list of the 5 best tips of things to do on Majorca for you. [...]

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Study-trips to Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam

Last Saturday was a great time for Cambodia: Scientists uncovered a huge 1,90 m tall statue dating back sometime between the 12th and 13th century and the ancient Cambodian Khmer-culture. During its prime, the kingdom spanned from Thailand all the way to Vietnam up to the Mekong in Laos. The newly [...]

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Hiking on Islands: Some hiking trails on Crete

If you take a look at Crete on a world map, you’ll immediately be fascinated by the enormous diversity of the Cretan landscape. As a hiker, you will find almost all conditions for a successful hiking holiday: Several mountains ranging up to 2,450 meters in height, long seemingly endless sandy beaches, [...]

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Recommended restaurants and trattorias in Florence

Buon appetito! Fitting to our matching article ‘Florence for beginners’, we’re taking a look at the culinary side of Florence now. Whether in a bistro, in a chic Michelin star-restaurant or in a typical Florentine Osteria - depending on your taste, you will find the right locality in Florence. We have [...]

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