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Villas, castles and parks – envy and the luck not owning too much

A book about the green oasis of stars, artists, script writers and other popular people impressed me a lot. This book gave me inside views about the haven of creativity people, a place where they hide out for a long- or short term. A place were they re-invent themselves or have a break...

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Uga Escapes – High class Boutique-Hotels on Sri Lanka – Part two

In our last article we showed you the Residence by Uga Escapes in the capital of Colombo and the Ulagalla by Uga Escapes in the heart of the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka. This time we will...

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Avaton Luxury Villas Resort – Heaven (Olympus) and Athos so close

My youth was embossed by Percy Jackson, the character of my absolute favorite book series. I was seduced by the stories about Aphrodite and always wanted to take a dram of the divine nectar even then. I was trapped by the Greek myths, THERE, where the Titans fight against the gods [...]

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The Kasbah Tamadot – the new celebrity hotspot

It’s not long ago, that the Resort Kasbah Tamadot in the Moroccan Asni won the first place in the ‘Travel and Leisure’ category with the best hostels in Northern Africa and the Middle-East. Ever since, Northern Africa’s best hotel offers its customers attractive deals for booking and stays. © Virgin [...]

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The Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group sets new standards for 5-star-hotels

The Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group 54 years ago, the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group has started a brand-new standard of five-star hotels with their first luxury hotel in Hong Kong. Currently the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, or Mandarin Oriental, manages 44 luxury hotels with over 11.000 hotel rooms in 25 countries and [...]

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Welcome to the Mandarin Oriental Fan Club

In October 2013, the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group celebrated the 50-year-anniversary of the first ever Mandarin Hotel in Hongkong and did so, in style of the luxury hotel chain with its 28 destinations around the world, with a memorable event. The hotel brand, famous for its Asian roots and influences, steadily [...]

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