Uga Escapes – High class Boutique-Hotels on Sri Lanka – Part two

In our last article we showed you the Residence by Uga Escapes in the capital of Colombo and the Ulagalla by Uga Escapes in the heart of the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka. This time we will...

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Avaton Luxury Villas Resort – Heaven (Olympus) and Athos so close

My youth was embossed by Percy Jackson, the character of my absolute favorite book series. I was seduced by the stories about Aphrodite and always wanted to take a dram of the divine nectar even then. I was trapped by the Greek myths, THERE, where the Titans fight against the gods [...]

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Tip & Top: Restaurant ANDRé in Sofia, Bulgaria

If I'm looking for a delicious pizza I search for a restaurant named Pizzeria Italia, Roma or Cesare. I'll know immediately what to expect. But whats it like a restaurant simply named ANDRé? - Behind stands the obligation of the owner with his name for the style of the restaurant, its [...]

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Recommended restaurants and trattorias in Florence

Buon appetito! Fitting to our matching article ‘Florence for beginners’, we’re taking a look at the culinary side of Florence now. Whether in a bistro, in a chic Michelin star-restaurant or in a typical Florentine Osteria - depending on your taste, you will find the right locality in Florence. We have [...]

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