We (a small group of tourists from Switzerland and Germany) were invited to a dinner in Sofia before our arrival at the Zornitza Family Estate. I described our get-together at the restaurant ANDRé in another blog post already. The arrival at the capital of Bulgaria is followed by a journey through one of the loveliest wine regions of Bulgaria. This increases the anticipation of the resort, because Zornitza is well known for its own excellent wines.

Zornitza, Region Melnik
Zornitza, region Melnik

The full moon hung high above the landscape and illuminated the buildings and facilities as we finally arrived at the sprawling ground of the resort. – An absolute romantic atmosphere – 

Zornitza Family Estate, Ankunft Nacht
Zornitza Family Estate, arrive night

The natural stones, bricks and wooden beams of the villas really come to their effect. There is no sense of tiredness if you could enjoy a fresh sparkling drink and a lovely hospitality straight after your arrival.

The Zornitza Family Estate

At the next morning we could relish a stunning panoramic view of the landscape, where the Zornitza Family Resort is embedded. And you will definitely recognize a similarity to the Tuscany. Mainly the vineyards are a reference to the Tuscany region, only there are no cypresses and pines, but these would be a perfect fit for that impression.

The architecture and environment

The architecture of the resorts villas, buildings and facilities helping to feel like Goethe in Italy. Six villas and nine suites built in the Tuscan style are placed amid of Melnik’s vineyards and sand cliffs. There are thermal water pools, a spa with Darphine Paris toiletries and an outstanding kitchen. The Zornitza Family Estate Hotel Resort has been a member of Relais & Châteaux since 2017. (Relais & Châteaux is an association of luxury hotels and restaurants)

The main house is characterized by a modern design, but you can also see the construction design of the rural environment. The kitchen of the resort got high quality equipment. Additionally the service is extremely accommodating. 

The layover at this resort is the best opportunity to discover the southern area of Bulgaria and enjoy the people, its culture and its original recipes. The local traditions and historical roots of the settlement of the country are absolutely interesting.

Zornitza is the premier address for fine wine tasting in the estate’s cellar and 13 wineries nearby.

Zornitza Weinverkostung mit Sommelier Alexander Skorchev
Zornitza wine tasting with sommelier Alexander Skorchev

The Zornitza Deluxe Villas

distinctive sense of romantic

The six villas create a sense of luxury, comfort, space and harmony with the nature. Each of them offers exquisite cosiness and a classic, but modern design. This resort is the perfect retreat for relaxation. The villas consisting of a studio, a bathroom and a spacious terrace with a lovely panoramic view. Each villa has a fireplace that radiates cozy warmth in the cooler seasons.

The Zornitza Boutique Hotel

in harmony with nature

The boutique ambience of the villas is even more visible inside the hotel. Nine suites provide a luxurious experience for every guest. You will get a large variety of interiors and designs, a large terrace with beautiful views and a staff which is ready to realize every wish you want. The atmosphere is complemented by tingling aromas and stylish background music. This hotel is the ideal place for special moments like for wedding and wellness trips, but you can also use it as a meeting place for celebrations and smaller corporate events.

Zoma Spa

ease your body & soul

„Discover, experience and paper your body and soul, in precious moments and in contact with nature. That you can regain time and energy. You revitalize and rebalance your spirit.“ Zornitza Zoma Spa will give you time for yourself. 

Zoma Spa
Zoma Spa

Zoma body & soul at Zornitza Family Estate Relais & Châteaux tenders effective, whole recovery by a personalized treatment, all designed to produce lasting effects while promoting optimal health and beauty from the inside out. It is designed in harmony with the nature and mind, bringing body and mind to an optimal level .he Zornitza ZOMA Body & Soul Relax-Bereich boasts an unforgettable view of the Melnik sand rocks and the endless vineyards. The indoor pool is filled with vitalizing thermal water. In addition, there is a steam bath, sauna and a relaxing hot water jet pool. Terroir is the key ingredient of the therapies of ZOMA spa. Grapes and wine, lavender, olive oil, honey from their own believes, healing mud from extinct volcanoes near the village of Rupite spoil the beauty.

The Zornitza aEstivum restaurant

culinary adventure

aEstivum Restaurant
aEstivum Restaurant

Chef Vasall Spasov:

„We cook with the best condiments, and we use modern techniques and high-tech equipment to create emotions among our guests. Combined with regional flair, a fantastic atmosphere and a bottle of wine, the world becomes a better place.“
aEstivum Restaurant
aEstivum Restaurant

The aEstivum is a restaurant where you meet your beloved ones and never want to leave. It is the restful relaxation, the culinary delights, the excellent service, the stylish interior design and the terroir cuisine that will make you stay.

aEstivum has 34 indoor courts and a rambling large terrace. The architecture combined with the dishes and service will give you a home-like feeling. The unique taste of the dishes is combined with the love and knowledge of the farmers on the eco-farm of the Zornitza Family Estate, who grow most of the products on their own.

Sommelier Aleksandar Skorchev knows a selection of almost 300 wines from the region and all over the world and is happy to share his knowledge with the guests.

The name of the restaurant is an latin term and means truffle of summer. The nobel taste of the truffle is in a lot of different dishes of the menu – actually in starters or desserts.

Melnik wines

the soul of the region

The tasteful grapes ripen during sunny days, at hilly landscapes with the fertile soil of the Melnik region perfectly. The aromatic and flavorous characteristics of the local wines become more and more popular worldwide. It is only possible  to grow the grape variety Melnik in this area and this makes this wine so rare. See also: Bulgaria in transition. Between tradition and modernity.(Link)

Zornitza Family Estate- Weinkeller
Zornitza Family Estate- wine cellar

Surrounded by 50,000 new planted square meters of vineyards began the history of the cellar of Zornitza in the year 2011. The soil is sandy and permeable and the location is well suited for viticulture. The harvest begins in mid-August and lasts until the end of October. This is all associated with many harvest festivals and wine tastings. Therefore, but not only because of that, a visit by mild autumn temperatures is very pleasant.

Zornitza Family Estate- Weinkeller
Zornitza Family Estate- wine cellar

Directions Zornitza Family Estate

Zornitza Family Estate is around 15 km away from Sandanski Central Station and over 135 km away from the Thessaloniki Airport. It is very good and comparatively quickly accessible, if you take the E 79 to reach the Zornitza Family Estate – Relais Châteaux.

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