My youth was embossed by Percy Jackson, the character of my absolute favorite book series. I was seduced by the stories about Aphrodite and always wanted to take a dram of the divine nectar even then. I was trapped by the Greek myths, THERE, where the Titans fight against the gods Zeus, Poseidon and Hades, the holy Mount Athos juts out into the sky. The place where even the Virgin Mary, accompanied by John the Bapist visited to bless the cloisters and coasts which lay all across the hills.But where exactly is THERE?

The area I mean are the fingers, of the so called peninsulas of Chalkidiki. The modern villas of Avaton are located on the third finger of this beautiful landscape of Chalkidiki. They’re reflecting this mythological spectacle with its location in the Mediterranean, where you got a great overlook of the Aegean Sea. Besides to the family-run chefs of the Chantzis, chef Panos Papadopulos also adds a personal touch to his restaurant, refining freshly caught fish and seafood with the herbs from his unique garden. It almost feels like you are in Olympus. Avaton Resort’s modern style contrasts with the unique landscape and mystical stories of Aphrodite, Zeus and Poseidon.

Avaton Luxury Villas Resort has been a member of Relais & Châteaux since 2017 (Relais & Châteaux is an association of luxury hotels and restaurants). Stylish and elegant, the hotel is located directly on the beach with its stunning view of the turquoise, crystal clear waters of the Athos peninsula in Chalkidiki, Greece. Mount Athos is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and an independent state, comprising 20 Orthodox monasteries.

The award-winning Avaton Luxury Villas Resort has 16 rooms and 4 suites

Panorama Suite with Sea View

Prestige Suite with Sea View and Private Pool

Luxury Suite with Sea View and Private Pool

Presidential Suite with Private Corner Pool and Sea View

Avaton restaurant ?

Let yourself be pampered in a world of different flavors and aromas created by chef Panos Papadopulos. Choose from a luxuriant à la carte menu or enjoy a journey full of culinary, prepared by chef Panagiotis Papadopoulos, who creates the food you desire. The food is delicious, just mouth-watering and was, personally, the icing on the cake. The restaurant is open from 9 am to 11pm and also provides room service from 8 am to 10 pm directly to your room, ideal for people like me who do not want to get up early :). The chef seduces with his modern culinary creations of the Mediterranean cuisine. Freshly caught fish and seafood are refined with herbs and honey from the in-house herb garden. The restaurant has a quiet and idyllic location with 44 seats on a hill with a great overlook of the Aegean Sea and direct access to the beach, where additionally 64 seats can be built.

Champagner Bar ?

The Champagne Bar is unique. It comes with its own mixing lab, where always new cocktails with champagne are created. The bar is open from 9 am to 11 pm and, like the restaurant, offers room service from 8 am to 10.30 pm. The tempting cocktails are mixed with fresh fruits or with special herbs from the garden and open up completely new flavors. While you listen to relaxed lounge music, you could watch as the sun slowly sinks into the sea and colors the sky. The bar seats 18 guests and 16 guests in the lounge. Of course, the bar also as the restaurant Avaton, has an access to the beach.

A recommendation from me, should your way lead you to the Avaton: The Forest Fruit Bubbles cocktail was the tastiest champagne cocktail I ever drank (so I could imagine the nectar of the gods). The strawberries are placed in Aperol and are mixed with crème de mûre (French blackberry liqueur) and cranberry, plus MOËT & CHANDON champagne.


Pure relaxation is offered in the spa with spa and beauty salon. You can enjoy here Massages, Facial Treatments, Body Scrub, Pedi- & Manicure. Perfect for the well-beeing of your body. The treatments revitalize completely and you not only have a fresh, clean skin but also a good feeling. Simply divine, you want to enjoy every day so great treatments. Those who love yoga can take part in a relaxed yoga lesson in the interior of the hotel and rebalance body, mind and soul.

Different massages are offered:

  • Relaxing
  • Deep Tissue
  • Lymphatic 
  • Indian
      * In the place where you prefer the ultimate relaxation experience.
    Facial treatments are available in the range:  My recommendation

Facial Treatments:

  • Power Retinol
  • Power Hyaluronic
  • Power C +

My recommendation is Power C + this treatment would work wonders, the skin will have the perfect glow afterwards and is rich of moisturised with vitamins. The best treatment after a night in the champagne bar ??.

Fitness & Sport

The hotel offers a huge selection of sports activities. For example hiking: Five routes from 3 to 17 km are in the area. For example Biking: On mountain bikes through the woods. You can also explore the coasts with an SUV or ride horses along the beach. On the coast there is also the possibility to try water skiing or to sail along the peninsulas with a sailboat / yacht. Scuba diving is highly recommended, the reefs of Chalkidiki are fascinating and you can discover great fish. Maybe you will also find a lost treasure of the Greek gods 🙂

Directions ?

The hotel is located on the Thessaloniki Railway Station and is 123 km away from Thessaloniki Airport. The hotel has its own heliport.

Did you get lost in Chalkidiki and in the Avaton Luxury Villas Resort? 🙂 Then in the comments, if you have questions or would like to exercise constructive criticism. ??