If I’m looking for a delicious pizza I search for a restaurant named Pizzeria Italia, Roma or Cesare. I’ll know immediately what to expect. But whats it like a restaurant simply named ANDRé? – Behind stands the obligation of the owner with his name for the style of the restaurant, its guests and exquisite food.

André Tokev

ANDRé’s restaurant is as individual and unique as André Tokev, one of the most famous Bulgarian chef cooks, who has become, through various paths and stations, the person who he is and who has made his restaurant as unique as it presents itself.

His reputation on the jury of a Bulgarian cooking show, which works in a similar pattern to the MasterChef show with Gordon Ramsey in the USA, certainly helped him to become known. His expertise contributed significantly to the success of the (Bulgarian) broadcast

How does one feel when, on the recommendation of Relais & Chateaux, one may visit this restaurant to personally enjoy Master’s culinary skills? It is certainly one of those days that will last forever.

Every single course made the expectation continue to rise, because the complexity and work involved in the art of cooking to get known beyond the borders of Sofia is not easy with the number of master chefs in Bulgaria. André Tokev has made it and you can feel the intensity, the desire and love of craft, the composition of the dishes and the selection of ingredients very clearly.

Culinary cuisine

Hard- and Software

The restaurant ANDRé is located in one of Sofia’s trendy in-districts in the old town. He decided on the flair of a 1925 old community center, which he redesigned according to his ideas. As he changed the interiors from foot to head, he designed the menus and the composition of traditional dishes according to his ideas. The ingredients of the corresponding season can also be found on the menu. That, I think, is quite natural? Yes, but not self-evident.

And it is also not easy to implement, because it requires improvisation, experience, good sources of supply and an eye for the place of origin and the quality of the ingredients that are used. “Haute cuisine is a big nation”. Diverse so. Divers. But not a colorful all sorts.

I have the stay in the turquoise and gold-designed rooms very pleasant in my memory and I speak here my recommendation for the restaurant. Tip! If you ever come to Sofia, just visit ANDRE. Whenever your foot leads you to Sofia, visit ANDRé. Top!

With best wishes, Bernd Schray

Video / Diashow @ANDRé

Directions Restaurant ANDRé

The Restaurant André is located in the heart of Sofia, 4 km from Sofia Central Station and 10 km from the airport.

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