Last Saturday was a great time for Cambodia: Scientists uncovered a huge 1,90 m tall statue dating back sometime between the 12th and 13th century and the ancient Cambodian Khmer-culture. During its prime, the kingdom spanned from Thailand all the way to Vietnam up to the Mekong in Laos. The newly uncovered statue is most likely a symbolic interpretation of a bouncer at a hospital.

I took this exciting discovery to find out more about Asia and its unique relics and traditions. Today I’d like to take you with me to show you the most interesting study-trips to Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam.

Die Naturschönheiten Laos

Beautiful Laos

Tempel in Siem Reap

Temple in Siem Reap

But first things first: What’s the difference between a study-trip and a normal travel?

A study-trip is more than a travel. It’s an adventurous journey guided by a professionally trained tour guide. The great thing about study-trips is the fact, that all responsibilities are taken care of by the tour operators. That means you’re getting an epic adventure through a far-away country without taking too many risks yourself. Your tour guide will not only show you around, they’ll also be there for any kind of questions and problems. They’re also very knowledgeable about the area, making sure that you’re able to see all the secrets spots of your destination.

Gone are also the times of waiting in line in order to see landmarks and museums. Part of the study-trip privilege is not having to spend your holidays waiting. During your trip you’ll also find yourself amidst interesting discussions about the culture and traditions of your destination, which makes you engage with other participants and your tour guide. You wouldn’t believe how many lasting contacts and even friendships are formed during a study-trip!

Of course things can go down, since even the most well prepared tour guide and study-trip can be subject to thieves, crime or attacks, especially when venturing through lesser known areas. Travelling with a group decreases the chances of being victim to such attacks immensely though, since knowledgeable tour guides know which areas to avoid and how to de-escalate situations with locals.

Last but not least you’re always protected by the tour operator. Should your fights be cancelled due to unforeseeable circumstances or anything be wrong with your trip, you’ll always have someone available to help you.

The secrets of Indochina

20-day study-trip to Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam with Dr. Tigges


  • Visit of Luang Prabang, the King’s city
  • Sleepover at the Halong-Bay
  • Visit to the McDermott-Galery
  • Hiking at the Kuang-Si-Waterfall
  • Trip to the Beng Mealea site

You’ll get a very deep insight into Laotian, Vietnamese and Cambodian culture during your 20-day trip through the three countries. Fascinating chalets, temples and the beautiful natural scenery of Southeast-Asia await you during long hikes through green jungles. One of the main highlights of this trip is a visit to the world-famous and gigantic Angkor Wat, with its beautifully embossed sandstone walls that tell stories of Indian gods and heroes.

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Thailand, Laos & Vietnam Adventure

22-day study-trip to Thailand, Laos and Vietnam with goXplore


  • Boat-cruise along the Mekong
  • A visit to fascinating caves and formations
  • A guided tour through the ethnic museum
  • A water-puppet show
  • Visit to the Ho-Chi-Minh-Mausoleom

This stunning study-trip through Southeast-Asia focuses entirely on interesting landmarks and sightseeing spots along the Mekong-River. You can look forward to the Khlongs of Bangkok and Wat Po, the Doi-Suthep-Temple, the Pak-Ou-Caves and the citadel of the emperor. You’ll also come across the shocking relics of the Vietnam war in the tunnels of Cu Chi. A unique adventure into the history of Southeast-Asia awaits you!

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In the realm of the Khmer

15-day study-trip to Thailand, Laos and Cambodia with Dr. Tigges


  • A visit to the temples of Phanom Rung and Muang Tam
  • River cruise along the Mekong
  • A trip to the Phapheng-Waterfalls
  • Visit of the world’s largest temple complex Angkor Wat
  • A trip to the Angkor National Museum and the Rolous-Group

Together with a professionally tour guide you’ll learn a lot about the mega-city Bangkok with its morning-markets and the beautifully built Wat Pho, Wat Phra Keo und the King’s palace. Legendary relics of ancient times await you along your journey and grant you deep insights into Khmer traditions in Thailand. Get in touch with Elefants at Angkor Thon and visit the holy Bayon as well as the ruin of Banteay Srei.

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What’s important to know?

For your trip to Southeast-Asia you’ll need a valid passport as well as visas depending on how long you’re planning to stay. You should also look into vaccinations against tetanus, whooping cough, polio, mumps, measleas and rubella as well as hepatitis A and diphtheria. We recommend purchasing a good travel-guide for further information about the countries.