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Travelling with Rail-Ro: Busan

Time for some updates! Oh snap, it’s been a while. Who would’ve thought coming back home would be so stressful! Anyway, we stopped in Yeosu after we took a romantic ride in the cable car and ordered some fried chicken in our motel. Let’s pick it up straight where we left off and talk about Busan: Traveling to Busan was the most tiring part of the [...]

31. August 2015|

Travelling with Rail-Ro: Yeosu

Waking up with a slight hang-over from our Makgeolli-Party in Jeonju, we decided the best thing would just be packing our things up quickly and heading to the next destination on our plan: Yeosu, an ocean city in the very South of Korea and one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen so far. The city got some international fame through being the host of 2012’s [...]

6. July 2015|

North Korea: As close as MERS lets you get.

So last weekend Minjae and I decided to head north to try get as close as possible and get a glimpse of the border to one of the strangest country in this world. Sadly ‘as close as possible’ isn’t very close these days due to a recent MERS outbreak in Seoul. Most tourist trains to the DMZ stopped running for the time being and practically all [...]

16. June 2015|

Friends Blogs

Zweite Reise nach Darjeeling

Teepflücker in Darjeeling Bericht über eine weitere Reise mit der Teekampagne nach Darjeeling im März 2015 – ein Wiedersehen mit Freunden und der faszinierenden Natur Wie schon im April 2013 hatte ich jetzt erneut die Gelegenheit, die Teekampagne anlässlich einer Reise mit Journalisten bei einer 6 tägigen Reise durch die wunderbare Bergregion und die Teegärten Darjeelings zu begleiten. Da der Reiseverlauf in etwa dem Verlauf der Reise von [...]

7. April 2015|

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