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Lisbon – where the history of seafaring is omnipresent

Lisbon – where the history of seafaring is omnipresent Seafarers, pirates and the sea still attract me today as they did when I was younger (when I was in my bed under the blankets reading just about every book about pirates and adventurers I could with shining eyes and a sense Read

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The best pubs (and beer types) in Prague. Are there any other reasons for a trip to the Golden City?

If you want to discover the best pubs during your visit in Prague, the best way is to get some informations in advance as there are a lot of great pubs in Prague. Prague is the spotlight of beer. Brands such as Budweiser, Gambrinus or Pilsener are just some of the Read

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The best study-trips to Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam

Last Saturday was a great time for Cambodia: Scientists uncovered a huge 1,90 m tall statue dating back sometime between the 12th and 13th century and the ancient Cambodian Khmer-culture. During its prime, the kingdom spanned from Thailand all the way to Vietnam up to the Mekong in Laos. The newly Read

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A ‚Coffee to go‘ in Prague? Why is Prague’s coffee the best?

Do you already know the five, six, seven or eight reasons that are the reason why coffee in Prague is really the best? Prague is far more than just the Czech capital – over the past years it has become the coffee metropolis of Europe. The coffeehouse-culture is a very important Read

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Majorca – Chavs, Stars and the orange groves of Sóller

A short holiday in Majorca is something many people do these days. It seems like the whole island is full of Germans. Nevertheless the Spanish roots have survived and the atmosphere is idyllic. We created a list of the 5 best tips of things to do on Majorca for you. Read

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17 days of Indonesia: Intensive and indescribable with a feeling like on cloud nine

I’ll try to describe what is actually almost impossible to describe – finally I fulfilled my dream of traveling halfway across the world to Indonesia and joined a group with people of different ages and backgrounds. The journey took 17 days. 17 days that enriched my life in many Read

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