From the mystic orient up to the exotic areas of the far east – we present the most beautiful places of Asia.

The best study-trips to Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam

Last Saturday was a great time for Cambodia: Scientists uncovered a huge 1,90 m tall statue dating back sometime between the 12th and 13th century and the ancient Cambodian Khmer-culture. During its prime, the kingdom spanned from Thailand all the way to Vietnam up to the Mekong in Laos. The newly Read

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The Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group sets new standards for 5-star-hotels

The Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group 54 years ago, the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group has started a brand-new standard of five-star hotels with their first luxury hotel in Hong Kong. Currently the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, or Mandarin Oriental, manages 44 luxury hotels with over 11.000 hotel rooms in 25 countries and Read

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17 days of Indonesia: Intensive and indescribable with a feeling like on cloud nine

I’ll try to describe what is actually almost impossible to describe – finally I fulfilled my dream of traveling halfway across the world to Indonesia and joined a group with people of different ages and backgrounds. The journey took 17 days. 17 days that enriched my life in many Read

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